Thursday, June 26, 2008

Answers to some questions

The Alphabet. I did leave a comment, but I will also post it here

Wow, the whole alphabet? K, let me work on that. I may have to do some recruiting here. I'll keep you posted.

Short hair.

Piper use to have short hair, I would just do things on top, and curl the bottom until it was long enough. But I will see if I can find a little girl with short hair to do some stuff on. And, it is amazing what just a little clip or headband can do!


Lots of hairspray, we use Sebastian Shaper and sometimes Paul Mitchell. I put mousse in her hair while it is still wet, Paul Mitchell extra-body sculpting foam. It is easier for me to work with wet hair, not sopping wet, but we always have a squirt bottle. And, Piper has very straight hair (like I use to have) so when we curl it, we use Paul Mitchell Heat Seal. One good thing about Paul Mitchell is that a little bit goes a long way.

I would say that for thin hair use water, mousse or gel and hairspray, but I am not positive on that.


Once you get the hang of the styles, they really don't take that long. And if you are doing two sides the same, the second side is always quicker. The longest for me is the basket weave, and depending on how many rows I do, it takes about 30-40 minutes, but I am a perfectionist. The french braided styles are about 10-20 minutes. All the others are about 5-10 and sometimes less depending on the time I have in the morning.

Please, if you have any other questions, just let me know.


The Mom said...

I've really enjoyed all the cool things you've done with Piper's hair. I found you through another site and now check yours daily. I've got 3 girls and have also started one of these great hair sharing blogs! Feel free to check it out...
Thanks for all the cool do's!

lovingmysoldier said...

I think the letters K and L might be easy for the letter thing...if I can recruite my sisters or the kids across the street, I will try them!