Monday, June 23, 2008

Band Braids

Blackeyedsue calls these puffy braids on her blog. I was actually going to do them on an angle and do something pretty with the back, but we were running really short on time this morning. In fact, you may even notice that her hair is still a little wet.

First, I part her hair down the middle to the center of her head, then I part it into two sections from the middle part down to each ear.

To do the first ponytail I make another part going from the middle part to the side and put it into a ponytail with a rubber band. Then I part the next section and make sure to comb it so it is smooth, I put the first ponytail into it and make the second ponytail with another rubber band. and keep going until I am finished. Then do the same thing on the other side.

I know, she needs her hair cut! (look at those ends.) She has an appointment.


Sarah-Lynn's mom said...

I do that exact same thing sometimes with my DD's hair. It looks to cute.