Sunday, June 22, 2008


Piper says that she named this one "waterfall" because it looks like two little waterfalls meeting and turning into one.
This is basically the same as a french braid, only with two pieces of hair instead of three.
I start with a side part and her hair combed straight down a grab a section of hair on the right side and separate it into two pieces then proceed to twist, with each twist I grab a new section of hair (just like a french braid) and twist it into the twist.
Am I saying twist a lot?
Anyway I keep doing that until you get to the bottom. I secure the right side in a ponytail holder, then I do the whole twist thing again on the left side. I take the ponytail holder off of the right side and combine both sides into one with the ponytail holder, and I add a clip.

Now, I do realize that I am not the best at explaining these things, so I am going to be posting tutorials on french braiding and this "waterfall," however, I only have two hands, so I have to recruit my husband. His semester is over next week (he's working on his MBA), so if you can be patient for a couple of more days.....