Friday, August 29, 2008

Patience Braids

Piper named these "Patience Braids," not only because she has to be extremely patient, but so does mom. I think they are pretty self explanatory, so instead of telling you how to do them step by step, I am going to tell you my mistakes so you don't make them too.

* I am so use to braiding under, that it has turned into a habit. The morning after, the top of the braid was crazy, if I would have braided over, this probably wouldn't have happened.
* I tried to get all creative with the parts...don't...just do simple block parts, I think it would have looked nicer.
* I started too late at night. Piper fell asleep. I did the last five or so braids while she was laying down sleeping.
* I did it all by myself. Recruit, recruit, recruit. It would cut the time in half.

I did these on Monday night, when we got ready for the day on Tuesday morning, I tried to straighten out the kinks. I did my best anyway.

Oh, the beads, these are optional, Piper loved the idea though. I know that there are a variety of different ways to finish up the ends, but this is how I did it.
* When I got to the end of the braid, I twisted the rubber band around a few times.
* I put the bead on.
* I folded the remaining hair over the bead.
* Then twisted the rubber band around again a few times.

Oh how I wish this looked better, and it can. And it will next time.

Piper really loved this. She would still shampoo her hair, just carefully. This morning we took them out and Piper ask if we could do it again really soon. However, before we took them out, she had a bath. She tried not to get the braids wet, but you will notice in the next pictures, she did, but we didn't have time to wait for them to dry, and the blow dryer doesn't really work in this situation. We didn't have time to take a picture as soon as we finished her hair this morning when it was really poofy, so these pictures are after a day of playing. Also, I curled the ends under with a flat iron.

This is the side that got wet:


Tristan said...

That is so funny! I totally did this in my daughter's hair last night! I posted about it on my blog earlier too! Great minds think alike right? ;)

Piper is darling! Such a beautiful smile!

Palmer Family said...

WAY cute! Oh, I mentioned you on Girly dos! I'm officially trying one of your dos this morning. Wish me luck! Girls are so much fun!!!

Bonny said...

That's more patience than me or my kids have righ now :) So cute, though.

Marisa said...

My mom used to do my hair like this before I went to camp every summer. She would braid as far down to the end as she could, then slip on three beads; she'd push the top two up onto the braid, then finish off the way you did, but push the top two beads down covering up the ends of the hair so they wouldn't stick out. (It really bothered me when they stuck out.) It was really fun to use glow-in-the-dark beads!

Oh, here's another tip: she would actually french braid cornrows away from my face, from the front to the back until the braid got even with just behind my ears. That way the braids were out of my face the entire time.

TFS! You did a great job! And, you both have wonderful patience!

Jenn said...

I love how kinky and cute this ended up. You'd never have known you had the drama you did with this. Its cute! Did it hold up all day? Nix starts looking limp and not cute. Do you have any tricks to having it hold up? Also I love that flower in her hair! Very cute!

Christa said...

my hubby thought that the "W" do was crazy he would die if I did this. But I think it is so cute! and the next day was cute too!

Emmers said...

I did this for GIRLS CAMP! hahahah AWESOME!

Ok and this is the first time I noticed that Piper was born bald. There is hope for me. HOPE I TELL YOU!

Emmers said...

Ok I guess My MOM did it on ME for girls camp. I..can't braid all of my own hair. Especially now that it's shorter than ever before lol

I forgot to put that she must have crazy patience. I was such a brat when my mom did it to me even tho I wanted it LOL

The Dalton Fam said...

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Bonny said...

I meant to tell you that I had a couple corkscrew braids in my dd's hair and we left them in overnight and we got much the same effect. I don't know if it is just as easy for you to braid as twist, but I prefer to twist and can do it faster. Just a thought! :)

Mindy said...

I did these once on my twins about five years ago! It was so cute, but took forever... then when they went out to play, minutes later four other neighborhood girls came over wanting the little braids too! Crazy, but I did it! Love your blog! I just added you to my hairblog list.

Take care.