Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Two Braids to a Pony

An old standby. And as you all know by now, I love braids, especially french braids.

* I part her hair in the middle back to the end of the top of her head. (did that make sense?)
* Then down each side.
* I put the hair hanging down in a ponytail holder to keep it out of the way.
* I french braid both of the top sections and braid down to about where the pony is going to be (a little bit further actually) and put rubber bands in to hold the braids.
* Comb the remaining hair and the braids into a ponytail.
* Take out the rubber bands from the bottom of the braids and comb the ponytail out.
* Add a bow, ribbon or flower.

* This takes about 10 minutes.


Bowznstuff said...

Love this!!! You can't go wrong with a fabulous French braid - she has such beautiful hair.

Anonymous said...

So cute. Could you post a video on how to do the braids? I always have such a hard time doing one on each side!

Mandy<3 said...

Hi Piper! I'm a stalker of your blog - love your hairdo's, they are just darling!
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Karlyn said...

I am planning on doing tutorial videos, we have just been a little crazy! I thought I would have them up a month ago, but no such luck.

I will figure it out within the next couple of days.

Mandy, let me show this to Piper, she will be thrilled.

Princess Charmed Mom said...

This is so beautiful! What a pretty way to keep her hair up when the weather is warm.