Friday, August 8, 2008

Sorta Sideways french braids w/ messy piggies

Long name huh? Anyway, this came to me as I lay in bed sleeplessly. So, I tried it. When I got to the end of the braid on the first side, my brain started going crazy with ideas on what to do with the hair, but in the end, we just did messy piggies. It would look cute with Leah buns, regular piggies, curled piggies or if you angle it a little differently, it would look cute just braided.

* I started with a part down the middle and put the left side in a ponytail holder to keep it out of the way.
* I started the braid right at the crown of her head and worked my way down to her ear.
* I actually kept braiding then put the ponytail holder in right above her ear and combed out the braid that was past the holder. Then on the third pull through (remember, I'm a counter) I didn't pull her hair all the way through.
* I tightened the holder two more times around the messy piggy. 5 total pull throughs.
* Repeated the same thing on the other side.
* I used a flat iron to curl the "messy" part.

* This took 20 minutes, but will take less, probably 10 or so. Like I said before, my brain was going crazy trying to decide what to do at the end.

Also, you may notice that her left side is a little bit messy, or not as smooth. Well...after I had already finished the right side and I started braiding the left side, I notice that there was a section of her hair that wasn't completely rinsed out. So, the hair was really slippery between my fingers. But I didn't want to start all over!!!


Princess Charmed Mom said...

What a cute idea! Her haie looks so cute! I love being able to modify a style so you can use it in more than 1 way.

Bowznstuff said...

oh good GRIEF - that is SO cool - i love it with the messy piggies - sort of neat perfection meets controlled messiness - FABULOUS!

RiVal Photography said...

Aww, too cute!!!

Goldie said...

I stumbled onto your blog and LOVE it, thanks for sharing! :)