Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Bug Pyramid

This is another one that I use the topsytail on, but you can do it without, click here for a great tutorial by blackeyedsue on how to do a "knot" or as we call it a "bug."

*I part her hair down the middle into two sections. (You will notice that I didn't part far enough back on this day, Piper's cowlick on her left side shows.)
*Then from the end of the part, I part down the sides, but not all the way, I left some hair down on either side. I stopped about an inch and a half above her ears.
*Of course, I put all of the remaining hair in a ponytail holder so it wouldn't get in the way.
*For some reason, I always start on her right side. I started with the top section and parted it about an inch down from the original center part, then into three sections.
*I put each of the three sections in a rubber band and did a bug.
*On the next section, again I went down about an inch from the second part and then divided it into only two sections. I included half of the middle bug and the entire left or right bug in the next two pony's, then turned them into bugs.
*On the final section, I included both bugs from the middle section into the final pony and then turned it into a bug.
*I then repeated everything on her right side.
This took about 15 minutes.


The Mom said...

Cute! I'd never thought of doing them sideways - we always do the front to back way. I'll have to try this.

Princess Charmed Mom said...

Very creative! I love the look! I have done a knotted net and love the combined look of the knots and net. Your design is beautiful!

Jenn said...

that is cute how you go to the side. I like that a lot!

Barnes Family said...

Way cute hair ideas! I can't wait for my daughter's hair to get a little longer so I can do more with it.
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Anonymous said...

I love how you did them sideways, too cute!:)