Saturday, July 26, 2008

Wrap around ponytail

I have seen this ponytail on a couple other blogs. I think "The mom" on "Babes in Hairland" calls this "The Madonna ponytail."

There are a variety of ways to do this pony. I've seen moms put all but a little bit of the hair at the bottom into the pony then wrap the hair that was left out around the pony and secure it with either hair pins or bobby pins. I've seen moms put all of the hair in the pony then get some hair from the bottom of the pony and wrap in around and secure it.

The second is what I did here. But instead of securing it with hair pins around the pony, I used the good old topsytail to pull it through after I wrapped it around and then secured the last inch or so of hair with a bobby pin underneath the pony.

Depending on what kind of day we will be having determines how I will do this style. If it is a busy day, I will do the hair pins. This day it was ballet, so I did it quickly with the topsytail.

This hairdo takes 2-3 minutes with Hair pins. it takes about 1-2 minutes with the topsytail.


Haley said...

How on earth do you get her hair so is simply beautiful!

Bowznstuff said...

that looks really pretty and her hair IS gorgeous and shiny :) Fabulous.

Karlyn said...

Funny you should ask...For some reason that is one thing that I am very particular about, it drives Piper nuts! She always says, "Mom, it doesn't have to be perfect!" My reply is as always, "Remember who you're talking to..."

It's kind of a joke between us.

Alyson P. said...

I was going to ask the same thing! Her hair is so smooth. I always end up with a bump or two in my daughter's pony.

Princess Charmed Mom said...

I used our topsy tail today to pull Middle Princess' wrap around ponytail though & it worked great! Thanks for the tip!

Karlyn said...

Sorry, didn't quite answer that did I?

Anyway a fine tooth comb and water.