Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Double Criss Cross

This hairdo is called "The Lattice" on She does Hair. Some of our names are a little silly, but remember, Piper names them.

I have always loved this, but Piper's hair is too thick for the little rubber bands, and it looks silly with big ponytail holders, so I thought that I would just do the top half of her hair in two sections and do the bottom in messy ponytails. This was the fourth of July hairdo! I bet that Trash ties would work great for this hairdo for thicker hair.

Sorry I haven't posted in awhile. If you go to my family site and read my Utah Art's Festival post, you will see why I haven't posted in awhile.

Also, I have a bunch of hairstyles in a folder on my desktop labeled "piper's hair." I have noticed that some of the other hairdo sites have some of the same hairdo's posted, so I have been a little reluctant to post them. However, I think I am going to because we all learn from each other right? So keep checking!

Oh, and I will be doing tutorials....I promise.


The Petersons said...

Hey, I have a blog similar to yours. A girl after my own heart! Do you mind if I link you? I thought I'd ask permission. Leave me a comment if you don't mind, I'll link you up.

Ben and Taryn said...

I think this is so cute! I love the lattice with the messy pigs. Adorable!

Bowznstuff said...

I love that one - it really suits here too!

Princess Charmed Mom said...

Cute hairdo! I like the messy ponytails, they finish it off well.
We have run into the same problem with same/similiar hair styles on other sites and we were actually talking about this the other day. We decided to post what we do and if we try something new from another site to mention it. I try to mention other sites if I know I am posting a similiar idea, but I don't always remember what everyone has posted. That's why I love having the links for people to check out. All in all, I think you should post your ideas, because we do learn from each other.

The Wonderful Wilkins said...

I got your link from my cousins blog . . . you are genius. My poor little girl has long blond hair (I have a huge fear of cutting it), but it's always in pig tails because I'm SO not creative. So . . . THANKS!!