Thursday, July 31, 2008

Four Braids crossed

I love braids!!

This one is really fun. I think that the ribbons could stand to be a little longer though.

* I parted her hair down the middle and then across so it was in four sections.
* I did four ponytails in back. One set pretty high.
* I braided each ponytail just long enough so it reaches the top of the ponytail diagonal from it.
* I crossed the bottom ones first up to the top ones....and used my Jr. TopsyTail to pull them through! You can easily just do it though.
* Then I crossed the top ones to the bottom ones.
* I flat ironed the ends to add a little umph. You could also curl them.
* Added ribbons.
* And...dh noticed that I should have crossed the top right one before I crossed the top left one, so it looks more woven. He's right! Now, this is going to bug me...O'well!

* This took about 10 minutes.


Princess Charmed Mom said...

How cute & creative! Braids can be so fun!

The Petersons said...

Very sweet. I love styles like this, that look really cute, but dont take lots of time! I'll be trying it for sure when school starts.

Bowznstuff said...

I absolutely love that!!! It looks sort of impossible which makes it EVEN cooler!